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Newsletter August 2022 Advocacy & Lobbying Focus on Advocacy What is advocacy? Importance of advocacy Types of advocacies Key aspects of advocacy Steps to advocacy A Focus on Lobbying What is lobbying? Importance of advocacy Types and forms of lobbying Key elements of lobbying Steps…


Newsletter April 2022 Objectives : O1: To train youth organisations at grass-root level and youngsters in active citizenship; O2: To improve cooperation and decision-making and negotiation skills of youngsters; O3: To provide theoretical and practical information for active participation O4: To inform and raise awareness…

Proiectul Youth+Art=Resilience

Echipa CPDIS a participat in cadrul vizitei de studiu din Randers in cadrul muzeului GAIA. Vizita a fost educationala in ceea ce priveste arta si lucru cu persoanele cu dizabilitati. #arts #erasmusplus #creativity #visualarts #youthexchange #strategicpartnership #aspirainstitute