Comunicat inchidere proiect 5 Asi Cu Joker

The Association “Center for Development of Structural Instruments” with transnational partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain announced the closure of project activities “5 asi cu Joker”. The project was financed by funds provided by the European Union through the programme “Erasmus+” Key Action 1: The mobility of people for educational purposes – Draft mobility for youth workers.

The group of this project was comprised of a total of 42 young people. They participated for 8 days in various activities undertaken by non-formal education methods, which aimed to raise awareness on the need to develop firest aid practices. Duration of the youth exchange was between 27.04.2017 and 05.05.2017. The activities of this youth exchange took place in Horezu, Romania, where participants had an environment for networking and teamwork in order to implement certain activities in the field of first aid and also had the opportunity to discover the cultural diversity of each country.


Specific objectives of this project included:


Ob.1: at the end of youth exchange all the 42 participants will develop and improve their knowledge related to the photography, of using the photos in their activities with teens and in a better understanding of the non formal educational methods and also will know a lot about the E+ projects and how to motivate and attract the teens.

Ob. 2:  at the end of the project all of 42 participants will overcome the discrimination barriers and will emphasize with those that are discriminated.

Ob.3: the inclusion of 20 teens with diminished opportunities (economic and geographical problems) within the activities, having as result the development of the trust in their own, acquiring competences and knowledge about the photo art in non formal education.

Ob. 4: the realization of an webminar together with other 4 youth NGOs through the teens will understand the necessity of the non formal education through the photo art

Non-formal education methods used:

- PhotoVoice

- Debate
- Role play
- Theatre
- Trainings
- Workshops and energizers

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Tel: 0726 32 30 78