Youth Exchange in Roumania 27.04-06.05.2017

 27.04.2017 – 06.05.2017  


About the organizers:

The association “Centrul pentru Dezvoltarea Instrumentelor Structurale” is an organisation that has as purposes the development of youth, helping out those who lack opportunities, the integration into society of discriminated young people and encouraging youth initiative. Our organisation has a number of 35 members that come from both urban and rural environments, aged between 18 and 30. It is our wish that through this project, the youth will develop their abilities, attitudes and knowledge base, all of these leading to the expansion of their skill set. Our members had the chance of participating to international projects within Erasmus Plus in most European countries, having accumulated the necessary experience to engage in non-formal activities with the young people. We are working with the youth for cultural, social and economic  development. We sustain equal opportunities in our present society.

About the project:

Through this project we aim the following objectives:

Ob.1: at the end of youth exchange all the 42 participants will develop and improve their knowledge related to the photography, of using the photos in their activities with teens and in a better understanding of the non formal educational methods and also will know a lot about the E+ projects and how to motivate and attract the teens. This will happen during the 9 days of activities.

Ob. 2:  at the end of the project all of 42 participants will overcome the discrimination barriers and will emphasize with those that are discriminated. This will happened during the 9 days of activities.

Ob.3: the inclusion of 20 teens with diminished opportunities (economic and geographical problems) within the activities, having as result the development of the trust in their own, acquiring competences and knowledge about the photo art in non formal education. This will happen through their participation during the 8 days of activities.

Ob. 4: the realization of an webminar together with other 4 youth NGOs through the teens will understand the necessity of the non formal education through the photo art and submitting an online petition at the Education Ministry and in the attention of Mr. Andrei Popescu in which will demand the introduction of the non formal education in the primary cycle of education.  These will happen in April.

The activities will last 10 days, between 27.04.2017 – 06.05.2017  (including travel days)  and will take place in Horezu, Romania.

Impactul proiectului:
1 Asupra participantilor:

– 42 part. vor fi mai increzatori in competentele lor
– 42 part. vor fi mai deschisi in a interactiona cu tineri cu oportunitati reduse(in special rromi – Alin si Cozmin sunt direct implicati aici, iar in proiect vor fi prezenti 20)
– 42 de tineri vor stii sa foloseasca apartul foto in metodele de ed nonformala
– Participantii isi vor imbunatatii cele 8 competente cheie prin dobandirea de YP

2 Asupra organizatiilor:
– 5 organizatii partenere (P1-P5) se vor dezvolta operational prin actiunile intreprinse in cele 3 Et ale proiectului
– P1-P5 vor promova proiectul pe site-ul propriu, pe Facebook si pe blogul propriu (minim 500 vizualizari)
– P1-P5 vor sustine CPDIS in depunerea petitiei online catre M. Ed si catre Andrei Popescu avand in vedere ca el este un factor decizional important in cadrul MTS – minim 1000 semnaturi
– In cadrul webminarului vor fi prezente organizatiile: DGT, Fundatia umanitara friend’s society, Initiative sociale si Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare durabila – organizatii vor veni sa prezinte rezultatul activitatilor de ed nonformala prin fotografie
– CPDIS va trimite catre 100 de ONG-uri de tineret din Romania news-letter cu obiecivele, brosura proiectului, fly-erul si invitatia de a semna PO si a participa la webminar
– CPDIS va invita membrii ANPCDEFP sa participe la webminar.
3 Asupra GT:
–  blogul YE va fi accesat de 250 de tineri interesati de ed nonformala si arta foto
– transmitere LIVE prin facebook a YE