Hello, I am Vieriu Diana-Maria from Bucharest Romania. I'm 28 years old and really
interested in the sports world. I played professional Tennis ( for 8 years ) and Handball (for 5
years) but unfortunately, I got injured and because of health problems I decided to stop
practicing them but I didn't stop watching sports and admiring all the performance athletes. I
was very excited when I discover the project and I'm looking forward to learn new wey
regarding how can I be more involved in the sports world but this time from behind the
papers and not from the field.
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I'm Niels Junker from Romania. Growing up near the mountains I did a lot of winter sports as
skiing and ice skating but also swimming and tennis. I participated and won some sports
competitions, when I was younger, but later didn't follow that path. Nowadays I'm working in
my families company, leading a business that is focused on sensoristics. Even today I am a
big fan of all kinds of sports, especially Motorsports now – and as a company we managed to
get our products into Formula 1, WEC (LeMans) and Rally Dakar having a huge insight into
how the wolrd of motorsports works. I am in this project because I can give back a lot of
experience but at the same time I am steadily curios in insights from other sports' business
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Hello, my name is Vlad and I am from Bucharest (Romania). I love to run since I was a little
kid so I decided to start doing this as a performance sport for 3 and a half years (100m and
200m running ) , taking part in local and national competitions and training with Romanian
national running team. In the second part of the year 2022 I took the challenge and opened a
gym in Bucharest, where people can train for fitness, do yoga and aerobic classes and we
also provide nutrition advices and plans. I love being engaged in sports and especially in a
gym where I can teach people to train, talk with them about different training methods and
share useful ideas and opinions. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be of such an
interesting project about sports, where I can meet people with same passions and share
ideas with them. Also I happy that I can learn more about sports from our trainers and from
the people involved in the project, especially from their personal experiences.
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Hi, I'm Adriana form Bucharest, Romania. Since childhood i liked playing sports, i used to
play proffessional basketball and at amateur level voleyball and rugby tag. Ever since my
knee injury I've taken it slow, but i still enjoy running and doing sport activities. I am happy to
be able to keep in contact with my passions.
#S4NH #erasmusplussport #skills4NH #europeanproject