Youth Exchange in Roumania 27.04-05.05.2017

27.04.2017 – 05.05.2017  


About the organizers:


The association “Centrul pentru Dezvoltarea Instrumentelor Structurale” is an organisation that has as purposes the development of youth, helping out those who lack opportunities, the integration into society of discriminated young people and encouraging youth initiative. Our organisation has a number of 35 members that come from both urban and rural environments, aged between 18 and 30. It is our wish that through this project, the youth will develop their abilities, attitudes and knowledge base, all of these leading to the expansion of their skill set. Our members had the chance of participating to international projects within Erasmus Plus in most European countries, having accumulated the necessary experience to engage in non-formal activities with the young people. We are working with the youth for cultural, social and economic  development. We sustain equal opportunities in our present society.


About the project:


Through this project we aim the following objectives:

Ob.1: at the end of youth exchange all the 42 participants will develop and improve their knowledge related to the photography, of using the photos in their activities with teens and in a better understanding of the non formal educational methods and also will know a lot about the E+ projects and how to motivate and attract the teens. This will happen during the 9 days of activities.


Ob. 2:  at the end of the project all of 42 participants will overcome the discrimination barriers and will emphasize with those that are discriminated. This will happened during the 9 days of activities.


Ob.3: the inclusion of 20 teens with diminished opportunities (economic and geographical problems) within the activities, having as result the development of the trust in their own, acquiring competences and knowledge about the photo art in non formal education. This will happen through their participation during the 8 days of activities.


Ob. 4: the realization of an webminar together with other 4 youth NGOs through the teens will understand the necessity of the non formal education through the photo art and submitting an online petition at the Education Ministry and in the attention of Mr. Andrei Popescu in which will demand the introduction of the non formal education in the primary cycle of education.  These will happen in April.

The activities will last 10 days, between 27.04.2017 – 05.05.2017  (including travel days)  and will take place in Horezu, Romania.


Participating countries:


Bulgaria   – 8 participants (7 participants + 1 TL)

Italy           – 8 participants (7 participants + 1 TL)

Spain         – 8 participants (7 participants + 1 TL)

Turkey       – 8 participants (7 participants + 1 TL)

Romania  – 10 participants (9 participants + 1 TL)



The transport to the project can be made by plane, train or bus. The arrival day is 27.04.2017  and the departure day is 06.05.2017. If you want to spend more time in Romania, it is possible to spend maximum 2 days before and after the project and book the travel tickets accordingly.

  • For those of you who will come by plane, you will arrive in Bucharest at the Henri Coanda

Airport (OTP) Use the buses 783 (for main square) and 780 (for train station) to go to the city center (you have ticket vendors in the airport). As advice, do not change too much money inside the airport because the exchange rate is not good. You can use the exchange offices or banks in the center of Bucharest.

  • For those of you who will be using other means of transport (e.g. bus or train), please inform us about your arrival in Bucharest so we can further guide you, depending on your place of arrival.



The departure from Bucharest to Horezu  (the location of the project) will be made on 27.04.2017  in the evening from Pacii bus station in Bucharest. You can use the metro to get there (Pacii metro station). Depending of your arrival hours to Bucharest, we will inform you about the time of departure from Pacii bus station.

The location of the project, Horezu, is 219 km far away from Bucharest. The transport from Bucharest to Horezu will be made by bus, there will be someone from our organization guiding you for the travel.

We will reimburse you travel expenses, according to the Erasmus Plus Program rules. We will make the reimbursements during the project by bank transfer into the Sending Organisations account, but we insist that you have all the financial documents in order for making the reimbursement. For the plane transport, the original documents that we need are:

- E-ticket

- Invoice

- Proof of payment or receipt

- Boarding passes


It is very important to form the group of participants in time and buy the plane tickets to Bucharest

as soon as possible. We are waiting for the name of participants and plane tickets from you until  10.04.2017 the latest. After you buy the tickets, please send them to us by email.



The maximum travel costs per participant for each country are presented below:



100% of travel cost for

participant (max)

Bulgaria 80 EURO
Spain 170 EURO
Turkey 170 EURO
Italy 170 EURO


* We can’t cover taxi or private car transport



The group:

We need 9 participants (8+1 leader) from each of the countries: Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain and Italy. Age limits for the participants are 18-30 and no age limit for the group leaders. We recommend a gender balance for the participants. We recommand a gender balance for the participants. There will be a total of 42 participants because the Romanian team will be composed of 10 participants due to organizing and logistical reasons.

The location:


The accomodation will be made in a nice resort located in Horezu, Valcea County.



The participants will be hosted in rooms for 2 people or apartments suits for 4 people. There is good signal for mobile in the establishment. Please keep in mind that the wi-fi connection works rather bad due to the mountains.

Due to the mountain location of the pension and the period of the youth exchange, we encourage the participants to take some various clothes with them. Any special requests regarding the meal (e.g. vegetarian) should be communicated before the start of the activities. Accomodation, meal and activities costs will be covered by us.


What to prepare or bring with you?


  1. All your travel documents as presented above (e-ticket, invoice, prove of payment, boarding passes). It is recommended that the participants will make a health insurance for the period of the project, although the cost for  insurance can’t be reimbursed. Romania is an EU member state, so the cost of health insurance is quite low.
  2. Traditional foods and drinks from your countries. We will organize cultural evenings during the project. You can try to be creative and funny! Can be costumes, ornaments, leaflets, posters, flyers, food, sweets, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks .. so and so   :) You can present videos, photos, sing music and dance traditional dances from your countries. We  count on you to make these evenings as interactive as possible!
  3. Clothes: The weather in April  is sunny but also can rain, so we recommend to have t-shirts and parkas. Due to the mountain location of the pension, we encourage the participants to take some various clothes with you.
  4. Information about your organization and activities. We want to get to know each other, to find out how people work with youth in other countries, and maybe to cooperate in the future.
  5. Research about rural youth environment categories of people in your country, general attitude towards minorities, examples of good and bad practices in this field, and information about school leaves in your country – Why youth people from rural environment leaves school? We recommend you to prepare and look for this matter before coming in the project.
  6. Good spirit, joy and happiness!!!  

About Romania:

With a surface area of 238,391 square kilometres (92,043 sq mi), Romania is the largest country in southeastern Europe and the twelfth-largest in Europe. Romania’s terrain is distributed roughly equally between mountainous, hilly and lowland territories. The Carpathian Mountains dominate the centre of Romania. The Danube flows into the Black Sea within Romania’s territory forming the Danube Delta, the second largest and best preserved delta in Europe, and also a biosphere reserve and a biodiversity World Heritage Site.  According to the census data from 2011, Romania’s population is about 20 million people.  Bucharest is the capital and the largest city in Romania. Romania has four other cities that are among the European Union’s 100 most populous: Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iași and Constanța.

The list of World Heritage Sites includes Romanian sites such as the Saxon villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, the Painted churches of northern Moldavia with their fine exterior and interior frescoes, the Wooden Churches of Maramureș unique examples that combine Gothic style with traditional timber construction, the Monastery of Horezu, the citadel of Sighișoara, and the Dacian Fortresses of the Orăștie Mountains. Peleș Castle (Sinaia), built between 1873-1914, is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Romania and Eastern Europe. Unique architecture and gold gilded rooms attract thousands of visitors daily. Voroneț Monastery, built in 1488, is one of the most valuable foundations of Stephen the Great. Also, Unirii Square is the treasure in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, on which rises the St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, guarded by two “twin” buildings on the eastern side.

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Project Coordinator

Cristi Florescu

Tel: +40726323078

See you all in Romania!

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