Hristov: I liked the leaders of the project and especially loved the fact that few of them were actual first aid/hospital workers, because when you have someone who actually works this explaining it to you, they can always answer any questions in the field, because they have both theoritical knowledge and experience.

Klaudia: Throughout the “#H(e)lp” training course I learned very helpful first aid and civil protection procedures. I met wonderful people who thought me new things about their ways and culture. I loved the pragmatism of the activities, with many simulations that supported learning. It was a meaningful experience, thank you!
Damla: I liked all sections specificly group working very efective and educational
I liked interest of project director and his team

Ornella: I learned to be with people who have different cultures, to respect each other, to improve the way I speak in English, I learned the various techniques to help a person in case of emergency, I learned to know more! I learned to be myself without problems. An unforgettable experience…
Adriano: It was a new experience for me, it gave me a lot especially from the relational point of view. I learned about others and their traditions, songs, popular dances, different eating habits. Knowing means enriching oneself internally and this project has been an example. I learned to practice techniques to help a person in an emergency and to express my creativity more thanks to the various activities organized during the project.

Mecit: I learned how to perform first aid and how to react when something emergency happens.

Kevser: I learned a lot of things about life such as first aid, different cultures , different societies. I feel that I am member of a big world. Valentina: Organization was perfect, activities were fun and our free time was organized as well 🙂

Anastasija: I learned a lot of new things during this project. I guess the main knowledge I get during the TC “#H(E+)lp” is the first aid, CPR and the reactions during urgent situations. As well what is very important as for youth worker, I learned new methods and tools in youth work, thank to Cristi and Cosmin for their advises and support.

Michał: During this project i could learn correct reactions in emergency situactions. I am interested in first aid so i developed my knowledge at this aspects. During this hard period medical knowledge is very needed. i like the most that everyone respected the rules. We were having fun every night but during classes we were also very active Petra: In this project, I learned a lot about first aid help and how to behave in emergency situations in order to save other people life or my own. We were having a lot of workshops where medical team professionally explained how to help unconsious or hurted people, forum theathre where we learned how to behave in moments of earthquakes, fire or other emergency situations and a lot of interesting discussions about these topics. It was really useful and knowledge that I gained in this project already helped me in my real life. 🙂

Marco: How to perform CPR and Heimlich Manouver. Also, I’ve greatly improved my communication skills and knowledge of other European cultures.