CPDIS ajută la implementare în România a proiectului eNEET Rural finanțat prin EEA and Norway Grants Fund, proiect care are scopul de a ajuta la angajarea în domeniul agricol a tinerilor NEETs din zonele rurale. În acest Newsletter sunt prezentate activitățile desfășurate până acum din cadrul proiectului de către toți partenerii noștri.

WHY? In many rural areas of Europe there are few job opportunities. Youth unemployment is high, and many young people, who have dropped out of school, are low-skilled and face difficulties in getting a job. This is especially true for the disabled and those belonging to ethnic minorities, who face discrimination from education and employers. WHAT? The project will focus on innovation and technology in the agricultural sector in order to create a Toolkit for young people, who are no longerin the education system, not working or being trained for work (NEETs). The Toolkit will include online and on-the-spot trainings, youth competition, staff exchange and mentoring services. WHERE? The geographical coverage of the project: • Territorially, it covers eNEET Rural partnering countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Spain; • Bilaterally it includes partnering countries such as Bulgaria-Greece, Romania-Latvia, SpainPortugal, Hungary-Slovakia, Slovenia-Croatia and Italy-Malta.

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