Empowering youth workers: youth focus

Empowering youth workers: youth focus

”Empowering youth workers: youth focus”, was a training course financed by Erasmus+ that brought 25 youth workers from 5 countries: Greece, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia and Romania in the the Romanian city, Horezu, between  05.10.2017-13.10.2017

The project idea started from the young youth workers passion for their community and their wish to developing and use their skills to make a difference. Realising that there are many ways in which you can impact your surroundings and that each of us already possess so many tools to use for the greater benefit was the starting point of this endeavor. Thinking out of the box, using their creativity but also using statistics and questionnaires, the young team managed to identify a great resource with a lot of potential in volunteering and non-formal education: the Photo Camera. It can be used in so many ways to solve problems that NGOs face, like attracting young people, delivering powerful messages, documenting actions for future reference, disseminating results that we couldn’t afford to pass on the chance of learning how to better put it to use.

Realizing how much the use of Non-formal Methods combine with the Photo Camera competences can improve our work we decided to share our ideas and help develop them in a training course that brings together people with camera skills and people with non-formal education skills, both motivated to make a change in the community.

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Our project objectives:
During the 6 months of the project, all 25 participants have:
Ob.1: Help the 5 partner NGOs make better use of their resources by using Photo based non-formal methods (photo voice, photo story)

Ob2:  Help the 5 NGOs impact their target group by improving their skills regarding communication with young people, working in teams, implementing and adapting non-formal education methods to a specific target group, conducting a debriefing and motivating young people

Ob.3: Help 5 NGOs deliver a more powerful message in the community with the help of non-formal education and Photo Camera by learning how to use this tools in delivering a message.

We have use nonformal methods and informal learning to create a space where the participants can use their creativity to develop skills in using the camera in non formal methods and then apply them in the community to improve people’s attitudes and perception regarding non formal education, intercultural communication, international Erasmus+ projects and volunteering.

By the end of the project we have skilled participants in using a camera in a non formal way, many non formal methods created to take advantage of the possibilities a camera provides and also many ways in which to use this new developed skills to improve their volunteering work in the community.

Long term we implemented new non formal ways that use the camera, many dissemination activities that rely on photos and videos as a new and powerful way of communicating our results and experiences.

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