Association “Center for Development of Structural Instruments” with transnational partners from Italy, Bulgaria and Spain announced the closure of project activities “NE(E+)T-working”. The project was financed by funds provided by the European Union through the programme “Erasmus+” Key Action 1: The mobility of people for educational purposes – Draft mobility for young people and youth workers.

The group of this project was comprised of a total of 46 young people. They participated for 9 days in various activities undertaken by non-formal education methods, which aimed to raise of NEET youth.. Duration of the youth exchange was between 28.08.2017 and 05.09.2017. The activities of this youth exchange took place in Horezu, Romania, where participants had an environment for networking and teamwork in order to implement certain activities in the field of nondiscrimination, develop the cultural skills, increase self-confidence.

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Specific objectives of this project included:

O1: At the end of YE 46 young people will gain key skills that help them to cross the cultural and educational barriers, resulting in increased self-confidence.

O2: At the end of YE 46 young people will increase their self-confidence and creativity by organizing a photographic exhibition Horezu.

O3: At the end of NEET young YE 30, will feel socially integrated, will gain key skills, will have self-confidence and be ready for integration into the labor market.

O4: At the end of YE organizations involved will have nine young people who may become youth workers and engage in organizing locistica organization.

Non-formal education methods used:

– Public Cafe
– Debate
– Role play
– Theatre
– Trainings
– Workshops and energizers


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