The project started from the idea of Cristi Florescu and our partners (P) in the evaluation discussions of the E + Vitamin project. Discussions have shown that there is a need of young people with fewer opportunities – NEET – in our local youth communities for whom we need to build a sustainable plan to integrate them into active life.

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Youth exchange objectives: O1: At the end of YE, 46 young people (originating from P1-P5) will acquire key competences to help them break down cultural and educational barriers, resulting in increased self-confidence. This happens during the 10 days of activities, especially through non-formal education methods: Theater Scenes, Public Speaking, Debate, Live Library, Workshop.

O2: At the end of YE, 46 young people will increase their self-confidence and creativity by organizing a photographic exhibition in Horezu. This is materialized through the PhotoVoice non-formal education method during the 10 days of activities.

O3: At the end of YE 30 young NEETs will feel socially integrated, acquire key competences, trust their own forces, and be prepared for integration into the labor market. This is done through the non-formal Public Coffeeshop Education Methods, Workshops, Theater Forum and Debate.

O4: At the end of YE, the organizations involved will have 9 young people who can become youth workers and get involved in the organization’s logistic organization. These competencies will be acquired by the non-formal education methods used in the
10 days of activities, but also in the Training , Implementation and Evaluation stages of YE. According to National call


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Impact at local level: – From each local community of P1-5 will participate 9 young people, 6 of whom are NEETs facing serious social problems, in the background of school dropout and unemployment for over 6 months -Involvement of ISJ and CCD by Inspector Marilena Donciu, who will talk with school directors from local communities where there are high school abandonment TORs to facilitate access to and presentation of E + opportunities (500 promotional materials flyers and brochures)